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Partnership Statement: The Shelford Group and Association of British HealthTech Industries

Topic : News and Press Type : Briefing

The UK’s NHS faces unprecedented challenges that demand innovative solutions to ensure its long-term viability. However, the speed of adoption of proven HealthTech is suboptimal, leading to unwarranted variations in access to care, yet offering opportunities for improvement using technologies and approaches that exist today.

In response, the Shelford Group, as a collaborative of ten of the largest research and teaching hospitals in England, and the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI), the UK’s leading HealthTech Trade Association, have committed to a joint programme of work to offer solutions to some of these challenges via partnership working.

The Shelford Group and ABHI partnership will see:

  1. Convening, Relationship Building, and Joint Events: A rolling programme of events will be hosted at individual Shelford Trusts, focussed on improving productivity and working conditions, as well as enhancing quality and patient experience.
  2. Partnerships as Exemplar Delivery Systems: Identifying and sharing examples of successful collaborations between the Shelford Group and ABHI members to address healthcare challenges.
  3. A Fellowship Model to Support Shelford Member Engagement: Exploring funded fellowships for NHS and industry professionals to work within Shelford ecosystems, facilitating partnership working and knowledge exchange.
  4. Collaboration on National Policy: Partnership collaboration would extend to exchanging intelligence and joint work on submissions related to regulation and national policy.
  5. Access to International Partners: ABHI can play a pivotal role in facilitating access for Shelford Group members to international industry leadership and expertise, including opportunities for visits, participation in conferences, or virtual engagements.

This partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to the future of healthcare, seeks to address the critical challenges facing the NHS and unlocking new possibilities for collaboration and innovation. By combining the expertise of health technology leaders, with the extensive reach and resources of the Shelford Group's member hospitals, all parties are poised to make a substantial impact on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in the UK.