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ABHI Responds to Wes Streeting's DHSC Growth Department Commitment

Topic : News and Press Type : Press Release

On 9th July 2024, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Wes Streeting, spoke at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change's Future of Britain Conference. In his address, the new Health Secretary pledged his commitment to boosting the economy through the life sciences sector, describing the Department of Health and Social Care as not just a health department, but "an economic growth department."

Responding to the remarks, ABHI's Peter Ellingworth said: "The commitment to ensure that the DHSC is not just a health department, but also one that is focused on economic growth, is a welcome one. As the largest employer in the Life Sciences sector, and in partnership with the health and care system, HealthTech can be a major driver of growth, while continuing to support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care for millions of NHS patients every day.

However, to be able to lead a revolution in HealthTech, and ensure the UK remains a favourable destination for the sector, urgent steps are required. We must accelerate the delivery of international recognition for product approvals, ensuring the Regulator is appropriately resourced to do this alongside developing sovereign arrangements which are synonymous with innovation and early access. We must also ensure that the NHS is fully resourced to maximise the adoption and spread of innovative technologies, both those that are here now but underutilised, and those that are emerging.

There is vast potential to deliver the ambition as described, and ABHI looks forward to working with the new government to do so."