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ABHI Welcomes the IBMS Long Term Biomedical Scientist Workforce Plan

Topic : News and Press Type : Press Release

ABHI acknowledges and supports the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) Long Term Biomedical Scientist Workforce Plan, a strategy to develop the UK biomedical scientist workforce.

The IBMS publication adds to NHS England’s Long Term Workforce Plan, which recognised the need to put staffing on a sustainable footing for the future and set out actions to train, reform and retain the NHS workforce. The IBMS has committed to ensuring that, as part of this, the biomedical scientist workforce will be integral to its successful delivery.

Diagnostic laboratory services are undergoing a science and technology-driven innovation revolution that requires its workforce to learn, train and work differently. The IBMS Biomedical Scientist Workforce Plan delineates a strategy for the ongoing development and support of biomedical scientists, in a manner that is safe and efficient, whilst adhering to nationally recognised standards across the entire United Kingdom. It includes recommendations to expand graduate training positions, introduce funding routes for IBMS registration and closer links between the discipline and the wider health service.

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells said:

This essential workforce plan will give the 27,000 biomedical scientists registered in the UK the support and opportunities they need to keep pace with their rapidly changing profession and their patients’ growing needs.

The IBMS has shown that it is the organisation with the experience, infrastructure, network and resources required to develop the flexible and adaptable workforce needed to meet the growing and changing requirements of our patients and society. 

With our help, the wider capacity of the workforce will be unlocked and with more biomedical scientists we will see faster adoption of cutting-edge technology and increased innovation – making the UK a global leader in diagnostics.”

ABHI Managing Director, Diagnostics, Nishan Sunthares added: "ABHI welcomes this much-needed strategy for the advancement of the UK biomedical scientist workforce. As diagnostic laboratory services undergo technology driven transformation, it is critical for those who are operating at the forefront of this change to receive the appropriate training and long-term support. This plan addresses that need and its successful implementation can play a key role in positioning the UK as a global leader in diagnostics."