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Address :
Victoria House , Victoria Road,
GU11 1EJ,
United Kingdom
Telephone :
+44 (0) 1252 333002
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Description :
TSL is a research-based tissue engineering company dedicated to the research, development and marketing of tissue implant and wound management products.

The company currently has three key products in its portfolio; all are based on the same innovative Permacol™ technology. All have been awarded CE marks and are fully approved throughout the EU for permanent implantation into humans. The US FDA has also awarded Permacol™ 510(k) clearance for marketing.

Where soft tissue is missing or defective, because of an accident, illness, body defect or simply because of ageing, Permacol™ products provide unreactive 'biological scaffolding' that fills the gap, hole or defect in the tissue. Tissue cells and blood vessels infiltrate the structure of the 'scaffolding' so that gradually the implant becomes incorporated into the surrounding tissue, providing strength, support and natural contours, whilst reducing the potential for wound contraction and scarring.

Trade Names: Permacol™, Permacol™ Injection, Permaderm™