What We Do

Digital Technology

What is Digital Technology?

The phrases “digital technology” and “digital health” describe innovative and connected medical technologies - both hardware and software – which generate, collate, analyse and utilise data. This is a relatively new area and there are a variety of approaches.

The graphic below shows the different types of digital health technology. This is the “process cycle” that ABHI has identified, for creating value through digital technology. To get full benefit, the whole cycle is needed. We have found that these key elements all need to be in place for these innovations to be successfully adopted and diffused.

Our Aims:

  • To be the recognised expert on the regulation of digital innovation in the MedTech industry. Looking specifically at legislation and regulation, their impact and implications
  • Support the industry to converge the existing MedTech digital health hypotheses and to secure validation
  • Engage the membership and third parties throughout this process, establishing an ABHI digital working group 
  • Work with the Office of Life Sciences (OLS) to understand and respond to the current and future needs of the NHS
  • Ensure industry is fully responsive to the needs of clinicians, by enabling a constant dialogue and feedback loop.