ABHI Membership

ABHI International Membership

International companies looking to introduce innovative MedTech now have the opportunity to gain from ABHI’s expertise, deep UK market access knowledge and strong relationships with a wide network.

The scheme is supported by several organisations, including the UK’s Department of International Trade, and offers non-UK domiciled companies access to ABHI’s unique expertise and network. 

Members will benefit from our:

Extensive relationships
• Signposting and introductions to a highly-developed network within the UK health system
• Introductions to critical collaborators and potential partners for joint-ventures and
distribution arrangements.

Expert leadership
• Access to an experienced and knowledgeable leadership team providing market intelligence and
input into current policy development
• In-depth knowledge and understanding of business opportunities and government initiatives.

Insight and intelligence
• Access to a variety of written briefings, webinars and conferences providing up to date intelligence
and market analysis.

Download the International Membership Brochure here.

For more information on how to join, contact angela.jeffrey@abhi.org.uk